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11.01.2017 14:22 Age: 103 days
By: RJ Lilley

Grey Owl Restaurant Almost Ready

It's almost time for another edition of the Grey Owl Restaurant by Assiniboine Community College.


The restaurant will be located at the Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts from January 23rd to February 17th.


Spokesman for the program Dave Perkins tells CKLQ it's the finest dining in Brandon for the month it is open.


"It is an awful lot of work for both the Hotel and Restaurant students and the Culinary Arts students," said Perkins.  "It gives them as close to a real life experience as they can get, while they are students in the program."


You can book your reservation at 9am Thursday morning by calling 725-8738.


All spots are expected to be filled within two-and-a-half hours.



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