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11.01.2017 14:29 Age: 103 days
By: RJ Lilley

Minnedosa Seeking Help from Province to Pay Back Husky, Town on Hook for $700,000

A recent decision from the Municipal Board of Manitoba means the town of Minnedosa must pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to Husky Oil Limited.


Husky appealed the assessment of their Minnedosa Ethanol Plant back in 2013, and the board agreed.


This means the town must pay back $600,000 plus interest, which brings the total closer to $700,000.


Mayor Ray Orr tells CKLQ they should only be on the hook for half of that amount.


"We collect taxes on behalf of the school division and Manitoba education has a special levy," said Mayor Orr.  "Of this money that's having to be paid back, approximately one-half never came to the town."


He says he has been in touch with the superintendent and the chair of the Rolling River School Division about the issue.


"The town did not have use of this money, but yet we have to pay it all back.  We are taking issue with that.  I'm wanting to see if we can get that changed," said Mayor Orr. "That's worth about $350,000 to us."


The town has sent a letter to the premier and the education minister asking them to step in.


As of now, the town is expected to make four equal payments of $175,000.



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