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Westman's Voice for News
07.03.2017 08:22 Age: 22 days
By: Will Streilein

Hundreds of Cars Stuck on Trans-Canada Near Souris


Most Westman highways remain closed this morning.


Yesterday's rain, snowfall, and strong winds have brought morning traffic to a halt.


JP has been stopped in traffic since last night on the Trans-Canada Highway near the Souris turnoff.


He tells CKLQ there are hundreds of vehicles at a stand still.


"A lot of cars, the 2 lanes are grid locked, and there is about 4 foot snowdrifts between cars. You can't move anywhere and we're just trying to keep warm."


JP notes some vehicles have run out of gas since being stopped and people are huddling up in other vehicles to stay warm.


He himself has taken in a passenger after their vehicle shut off.


We have calls in with Manitoba Highways and the RCMP to get an updated on when assistance may be provided to drivers in the area.



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