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Westman's Voice for News
08.03.2017 09:18 Age: 21 days
By: Will Streilein

Stranded Trucker Critical of RCMP & Province

He's warm now, but during the storm Richard Wilson wasn't sure he and his dogs would make it off the highway.


Wilson has taken refuge in the shelter in Alexander for stranded passengers after his semi-trailer slid off the Highway west of the community on Monday.


Speaking to CKLQ he was critical the province didn't take the steps to prevent people from being stuck.


"The Tim Horton's in Brandon there, I was there for about 45 minutes to an hour. It was raining a little bit so I continued on, the road wasn't closed. I get down the road it becomes a blizzard, which they knew was coming and the road should have been closed at 2:00 in the afternoon."


He adds, "now the traffic ain't going nowhere. So what made sense of leaving it up until the accidents and the snow blew in there."


Wilson goes on to add he got little assistance calling the RCMP, "You had the vehicles why can't you use them. I called all day Tuesday and was told 'No, we can't get to you."


As the day carried on he was able to flag down an officer driving by in a pick up truck, who then brought him to the shelter set up in Alexander.


He did praise the community of Alexander for going out of their way to give people a place to stay warm calling them "the most excellent people I've ever met."


The trying times won;t get much easier for Wilson.


Once the highway reopens he has to get his semi-trailer out of the ditch and restarted.


After that is done he plans on making his way to Virden until he can continue his way into Saskatchewan.



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