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20.03.2017 06:48 Age: 35 days
By: Will Streilein

Education Needed to Battle Drugged Driving Increase

Mothers Against Drunk Driving are concerned with the increase of drivers impaired by drugs.


A recent Manitoba Public Insurance report says 1 in 10 drivers they interviewed last fall were impaired by a drug while behind the wheel.


President of MADD Brandon and Area Nikki Boggs tells CKLQ it's a situation that is becoming more and more common.


"There's been more of a focus on an impairment related to drugs. Unfortunately the numbers seem to be going higher towards drugs then impaired, or a combination of both."


Boggs wants to see more tools put into the hands of police.


"Give law enforcement the tools to be able to conduct those roadside tests. Saliva sample that they can give roadside."


She adds there needs to be a better education program around the dangers of drugged driving, a Message the local MADD office shares when visiting area schools.



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