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19.04.2017 10:53 Age: 5 days
By: Matthew Higgs

River Level Dropping Slowly

The Assiniboine River water level is going down, but not as quickly as city officials would like.


The river was standing at 1175.97 feet above sea level at First Street on Wednesday morning.


Emergency coordinator Brain Kayes tells CKLQ that it's been a slow process,  and blames it on how much moisture was on the ground.


"We're getting about two or three inches a day, and we would certainly like it to go down faster," said Kayes.


Kayes say they are looking at when they can remove the clay plug on Grand Valley Road, but says it's probably at least a week away.


"We don't wan to remove the plug and then have two or three inches of rain and have to put it back in again, we want to feel comfortable when we take it out," said Kayes.


The river has dropped just over three feet since reaching its peak on April 10th.



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