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29.06.2015 12:45 Age: 2 yrs
By: Clay Young

Can You Help Solve A Decades-Old Homicide?

It's been almost 30 years, but Brandon City Police are still looking for whoever killed 41 year old George Barry Levins.

On October 24th 1985, the local real estate agent  was struck down by an unknown vehicle on a bike path near the 16 hundred block of Braecrest  Drive.

Sgt Kevin McLean tells CKLQ this was no accident as the investigation revealed that the vehicle deliberately ran Levins over.

Sgt. McLean says they have followed up on a number of tips since the incident and in fact located a truck in Regina that police believe was involved in Levin's death.

If you have information on the death of George Barry Levins, your asked to contact Brandon Police or Crime Stoppers.



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